Yacht Week Party Fashion Must Haves

Is your daily life boring? Do you find yourself constantly hanging out for your next weekend or  holiday break? Did your Christmas vacation come and go too soon?

Yacht Week in Croatia might be the answer.

Sailing around the beautiful islands of Croatia during the day and partying hard every night is an experience you’ll never forget. Drink, mingle, and party till you drop. This is also a great time for you to flaunt your bikini and outfits while you meet like-minded people from all around the globe with the same heart for fun and adventure. The week-long party offers a variety of activities: island hopping, meet and greets, dining on local foods and freshly caught seafood, drinking, socializing, sailing to secluded and wonderful coves and beaches and a lot more.

If you’re considering partying it up in Croatia this summer, you will want to prepare yourself before embarking in this journey. Here are the things you absolutely must not forget when you go island hopping and sailing around Croatia for Yacht Week!

For The Girls:

yachtpartyBikini Overload – this week-long party is all about the summer sun, the beach and the beautiful Croatian islands. This is the perfect time to flaunt you curves and legs. Pack a bikini for this week-long hedonistic yachting trip, and do not forget to bring an extra pair. Why? Because everyone will be wearing bikinis everyday and you might not want to wear the same bikini over and over again. You might even want to bring several pairs. It’s not like they weight much so if you have a number to choose from, why not bring them all? Choose bikinis that suits your body type and designs that stand out and wear them with confidence!

Draperies – showing off your sun-kissed skin is nice but sometimes you might want to cover part or all of your skin (especially after those days where you overdo the suntanning just a bit). Scarves, shawls, and some lightweight garments can be used to cover up your body until you’re ready to show off your bronzed (not red) skin once again.

Party Dresses – when the sun goes to sleep, it is the moon’s time to shine. You don’t want to party in your bikini 24/7. Glam it up with some sexy party dresses in the evening. Make sure not to forget to bring dresses with fresh and bright colors that stand out. It is summer after all! Choose dresses that complement your features and body proportion.

Appropriate footwear- you will be in and out of the water and sand daily, so make sure to pack your fashionable flip flops for during the day, and beach ready shoes and heels for night-time partying, wherever that may be.

For The Boys:

Linen shirts -  You’re not going to want to be in your board shorts all day. Pack some comfortable shorts for when you just want to relax. With the right colors and some accessories you can also wear them to some of the evening parties.

Board-shorts/swim shorts – You’ll never go wrong with branded board-shorts or some cotton swim shorts. Pack a few pairs if you feel the need to mix it up occasionally during the week.

Deck Shoes or Top-Siders- There are the traditional choices for footwear when sailing. They’re classy and match with almost any yachting apparel. Wear them when relaxing on the yacht during the day, and take them with you to the clubs and beach parties at night!

The above-mentioned items are the essential fashion must haves for you trip. For both the boys and the girls, a fashionable pair of designer sunglasses that suit your face will also make a welcome addition to your backpack.

And don’t forget to bring sunscreen! This is the number one must have. Having a sun tan can make you look healthier and skinnies/more defined, but being sun-baked is not a good look.

You can also bring along beach toys to keep you entertained in the water. Try not to pack too much though, as additional, unnecessary items will just weigh you down. Most of all, do not bring your work, just enjoy your summer break.

Yacht week in Croatia is the ultimate time to unwind and make new friends from all over the globe. Make sure you are  ready to dig in to the fun, unleash your insecurities, get happy, get loose and most of all, party like there’s no tomorrow. The team at Katie’s Fashion wish you and all your new friends all the best for a gorgeous summer in the sun!

Some of our team are going to travel to Ultra over to Split Croatia in 2015 year with The journey will be a combination of partying and island hopping with accommodation on the yachts, So keep an eye out for the post about our adventures in Europe in their coming summer at Europe’s Ultra Music Festival!

This Year’s Leading Fashion Trends in the World of Designer Eyewear

Whether you’re sporting all that is geek-chic in your eyewear selection or simple sleek black frames, it does not matter, you are contributing to the world of eyewear and influencing the course of the newest and hottest fashion trends. Yes, it is true that the original and primary function of prescription eyeglasses is to help correct our vision so we can see properly. It is also true that original and primary function of sunglasses is ultimately to protect our eyes from the sun’s harsh and potentially damaging rays.

Though this is the main reason eyewear originated, it quickly evolved into something much more than a product to simply help us see and to protect our eyes from the sun. In our world today, eyewear is considered to be one of the most fashionable accessories you can own. In addition, we are no longer resigned to buying frames from our local eye-doctors. Thanks to technological advancements, we can now purchase eyeglasses online through various eyewear ecommerce websites like that offer consumer-centric features like virtual-try-on software and home-try-on trials. The days of being stuck with just one pair of eyewear is long-gone, and this article today, we are going to discuss this year’s four leading trends in the fashionable world of eyewear. We hope this will help you select your next pair of fashionable frames!

Instagram-Inspired Frames

InstagramGlassesThis particular style of frame was inspired by the popular photo-sharing application Instagram, and contains strong fashion influences from the disco and flower-child era found in the 1970s. Sunglasses in this genre typically have rose-tinted lenses, that give each fashionista sporting this frame, a filtered perception of his or her surrounding world. You are also capable of finding lenses that are gold-tinted, which ultimately creates a sepie-inspired effect and view of the world. In the world of optic-wear as well as sunwear, each frame’s materials take us back to the 1970s. Many leading eyewear manufacturers are offering products with varying tinted-shades in elegant wooden frames. The Instagram-inspired look can also be found in soft and bubbly shaped frames and also in a rounded-out shape commonly referred to as a throwback design.

The Angular Frame

The angular frame which is also commonly called the mathematical look, can be easily distinguished from other frames due to its sleekly-cut angles and simplistic, more neutral colors. They can be found in triangular-shaped frames and hexagonal frames that place great emphasis on the angles and lines of the frame, as well as solid geometrical patterns. The use of geometric shapes in its design is the primary reason it is referred to as the mathematical look. A few leading eyewear producers place great emphasis on the frame’s eyebrow bar, making it more pronounced than other portions of the frame. They are also considered to contain an appeal that is super industrial and urban. Many major designers stated that they have created angular frames to allow wearers to make bold fashion statements when they worn as an accessory. The use of white and black patterns brings a sense of sophistication to any wearer sporting the angular frame. In addition, designers have focused on matte-finished frames to illustrate that elegance does not have to shine to be considered so.

The Oceanic Frame

As you can gather from the name of this style of frame, it was directly inspired by our Earth’s beautiful oceans, emphasizing its trendy features highlighting bright blues, vibrant teals, and glowing turquoises. A lot of designers have made the decision to turn to shades of blues and greens to create frames that remind wearers of summertime and the beauty of the oceans. In addition, the Oceanic styled frame can easily be distinguished by its blue and green hues, but also in its floating lenses, which are considered to be clean and minimalistic.

The Earth Frame

The Earth frame, which is the last seasonal trend we will discuss is much like the oceanic frame in the sense that it was directly inspired by our Earth and nature. This look embodies earth-like tones like greens and browns, as well as brilliant shades of pink, which is illustrated in the designs of many leading eyewear producers this year. Patterns are concerned with flower-like patterns that evoke feelings of summer and spring, and being outdoors. This look is considered to be designed in the name of earth’s modernism.

New Designer T Shirts Hit Australian Shores

Fly Peacock is synonymous with Fashion. Their new range of men’s t shirts and singlets have just landed and are a perfect example of their undulated, cutting edge style. Summer is ending but the weather is still warm up here on the sunny Gold Coast, and business is booming for the team from Queensland and their stylish, designer clothing company.

Market FashionWith the launch of their new store at Glebe in Sydney and also at My Cube in the Myer Centre in Brisbane, the future is looking bright for this young team of trendy fashionistas. Not only can you catch them at these stores, they are also regulars at markets all around the Eastern states of Australia. Those of us who wake up early enough on weekends to check out our local markets may recognize them from Burleigh, Paradise Point, and South Bank in Queensland or Glebe, Bondi Beach, The Rocks, and Rouse Hill Designer Markets in New South Wales.

Their new line of printed tees, singlets and shorts sport a plethora of bright imagery. Many of the striking designs include lucid photography or animated and detailed prints. Because they are only operating on a small scale, Fly Peacock don’t mass produce any of their designs so you’re not going to be constantly running into people wearing the same t shirts or singlets either. You know you can’t say the same thing about shirts you buy at Universal or the like!

The team at Fly Peacock have been leaking their new designs slowly on their Facebook page, so you can take a peek there to get an early look. So far we are extremely excited about the Endless Summer range with surf and beach inspired prints and designs.

SingletsThe entire range of t shirts, singlets and shorts will be listed on their website soon, so be sure to check them out over the coming weeks. Due to their limited runs on designs it is essential you get in early with your orders as popular styles are prone to selling out rather quickly.

If you live in South-East Queensland or Sydney be sure to check out Fly Peacock’s new fashion at their stores for the best experience when deciding on a purchase, or take a look online if you are not close to Brisbane or Sydney. The team here at Katie’s Fashion have been keeping a close eye on these bright young entrepreneurs ever since we first saw them at the Young Designer’s Markets last year, and we expect to see even more brilliant and cutting edge designs from this talented team in the future.

Ski Jacket By Marmot

Ski Jackets for Northern Hemisphere Season: Marmot Vs Betty Rides

The northern hemisphere ski season is in full swing. With thousands of Aussies heading to the slopes of Japan and North America to get celebrate a white Christmas, the team here at Katies fashion thought we would save you the hard work of selecting ski jackets to suit the colder climates. You may think the Jacket you wear on the Australian hills is suitable, but remember temperatures are a lot colder in the northern hemisphere so have a read and see how your jacket compares.

If you are looking for womens ski jackets, then there are two good options available in the market. These two options are Marmot Sling Shot down Jacket and Betty Rides 2014 TrippyCat Manic Jacket, This review aims to help you make a well-informed choice between the two options.

The Marmot Sling Shot down Jacket is a serious investment at $439.96. However, the features of the jacket prove that it is value for money. Some of the important features of this jacket include a waterproofing of 20,000mm and breathability of 20,000gm. The jacket provides you the required protection from cold and wind because of the high quality Goose down Fill and also because it is critically seam sealed.

In order to ensure that the jacket remains usable and convenient for you to wear, the Marmot Sling Shot comes with a removable 3-way adjustable hood. Depending on your requirements, you can adjust the hood to ensure that you get the maximum out of this jacket. Another feature in the same domain is the removable powder skirt. You can remove the powder skirt whenever you want. These two features ensure that the jacket remains useful to you in varying climates.  

Other features of the jackets include mesh lined underarm vents and two zippered front pockets. The cuffs are adjustable and the jacket also has media pockets allowing for easy access to your phone and music. Lastly, this jacket by Marmot is available in a rich blue color to suit all attires.

The other ski jacket we are looking at is Betty Rides 2014 TrippyCat Manic Jacket. This product is priced at a nominal price of $249. Key features of the jacket include a waterproofing of 10,000mm and breathability of 8,000gm. The jacket is critically seam sealed and also comes with a fixed 3-way adjustable hood. This allows you to use or remove the hood depending upon your requirement giving you the flexibility to use it in varying climates.

2014 Ski Jacket Betty Rides Marmot Ski Clos Up









One of the features of this jacket is the fact that it uses a powder skirt with Betty Connection Technology. This is a patented technology by Betty Rides that gives the wearer a comfortable experience. In addition to this, the Betty Rides TrippyCat Jacket has mesh lined underarm vents and two zippered front pockets. In line with the Marmot Sling Shot down Jacket Blue, this jacket also entails adjustable cuffs, media pocket and pass pocket. The jacket is available in brown color.

The team at Katies Fashion really like The Marmot Sling Shot down Jacket which is surely a good, durable choice if you have the money to spend on it. The feature set of the jacket makes it nothing less than flawless. However, the only downside of the jacket is its high price and if that is within your reach, then there is no way you should give this jacket a miss. On the other hand, Betty Rides 2014 TrippyCat Manic Jacket is a perfect choice for people looking for an affordable jacket, in fact, at half the price of Marmot Sling Shot Down Jacket Blue, with features that are comparable. Depending on your requirements and budget, either one of these ski jackets is sure to do the trick, and keep you warm and dry in the northern hemisphere this season.

Surprise Wedding Cake from our Katie’s Fashion team!

Amarantos cake designs are absolutely breathtaking! The Katies Fashion team are all astounded at the beauty, and creativity that goes into making one of these cakes. They can be are wonderful, and wacky or elegant and refined, depending on what you are looking for.

wedding cake 2They are one of Melbourne’s oldest cake shops, and by far the most experienced that the Katies Fashion team have come across. While we were there on a recent visit we learned about their wide array of talents and phenomenal collection of previously made designs. They do cakes for any occasion, offering the finest selection of corporate, engagement, birthday, corporate and wedding cakes Melbourne has ever seen!

Our team paid the Amarantos Cakes website a visit last month in search of a large and exquisite cake that would stand out, in preparation to celebrate one of our favourite staff member’s upcoming wedding. We don’t do things in halves here at Katies Fashion so we really wanted to go all out with this one. We spent a long time searching for a suitable cake shop not too far from our Melbourne office where our special staff member, let’s call her Katie, works each day.

The website was really well designed and really easy to navigate. There are photos and videos of all their spectacular cakes and we were in awe at the beautiful images of past cake designs. As soon as we started perusing the extensive collection of photos we knew we were onto a winner!

What struck us most was the creativity that was obviously put into every cake at Amarantos. You can tell that a good bit of consideration and time is put into each and every tasty creation. When you choose a design from Amarantos, you know your guests will be talking about it for a long time after the event – which is exactly what we wanted!wedding cake

I would describe the Amarantos experience as fun, energetic, wacky, elegant, sophisticated, and so much more all rolled into one. The creators of these lovely cakes are more than just cake decorators; they are artists in every sense of the word. Because we needed something really standout we decided to get in touch with the staff at the Melbourne cake shop to run through the specifics in detail. The service there was exceptional they took great care in understanding what I was looking for and what I needed in our creation. They even pointed out things that we hadn’t even thought about. I felt as if they really cared about our special event, which can be uncommon in today’s consumeristic and profit-driven world. We were made to feel like our event was special, and that says a lot about the Amarantos team.

So we have ordered our surprise Wedding celebration cake for Katie’s work party, many of us will be going to her actual wedding as well, and we’re a bit worried that the cake we have chosen might show up the real wedding cake (which we didn’t organize!) Hopefully that’s not the case, but to be honest the design we’re getting is really something amazing! We’ll be sure to post up lots of photos from the party so you can all see how things went down. In the meantime we’re all waiting in anticipation, the cake will be arriving in just a few days! We can’t wait!

Have an amazing weekend everybody, well fill you all again with another update on Katie’s wedding party celebrations soon!

Arnhem Clothing New Range Launch at The Freedom State!

White Bohemian Dress

Arnhem the Label’s distinctive bohemian fashion has always been a favourite of ours at Katie’s Fashion. Season after season, we are always surprised and excited upon the launch of a new range, and never disappointed with the end products. The influences of Arnhem Bickley’s upbringing as a flower child with hippy parents are evident in her collections. Following them as they drifted through various communities, attending festivals, and living in tents or teepees with no running water or electricity helped foster an acute sense of creativity in Arnhem. This was evident even as young as age 4 when she was already sewing clothing for her dolls! The beautiful embroidery, fringing, crochet, tassels and stunning prints on her soft flow fabrics are exactly the styles we love and they perfectly compliment our gypsy spirits!

A boho theme echoes throughout every article of the latest release of Arnhem clothing. The range is characterized by earthy, vintage and floral designs, with many stunning, custom signature prints. Like us, you may have been impressed by Arnhem’s spectacular range that launched earlier this year, but the new styles and designs will impress you with their intricacies and pedantic attention to detail. The influences of the beautiful Byron Bay region, where Arnhem now lives, are evident across the new line of clothes, and they exude a style embodies the state of freedom and the spirit of the beautiful people of Northern Rivers region.

Arnhem ClothingThe elegant new collection exudes a glamorous feminine, yet playful style. Because none of the items are mass-produced, each article of clothing feels special and individual. As one of Byron’s fashion icons, Arnhem the Label has been showcased by many of its celebrity fans, including Isabel Lucas and the Veronicas twins. While still in its early days as a clothing label, because of her exquisite designs and standout appeal, Arnhem Clothing has kicked off with an incredible start. Things have been looking bright for the creative designs and star appeal of the gypsy kid from Byron Bay, and with the ongoing release of exquisite fashion like those showcased in the latest boho chic range, from Arnhem the Label, the future is only looking brighter.

Summer Hair Trends

With the change in seasons, as we revamp our wardrobe, it is equally important that we revamp our hairstyle too. Even if it means chopping your hair short for the upcoming summer fashion season – go ahead and experiment with your crowning glory. To break the monotony of your looks and to keep up with the latest trends, men and women need to alter their hairstyles from time to time. The team from Brisbane hair salon Unsurpassable ( have provided the following tips; they might come in handy.pixie cut

Have the confidence to carry a short haircut with ease. Do the names Anne Hathaway or the glamorous Emma Watson ring a bell? You too can go for a semi-bob/pixie style cut which can enhance your face – not to mention being hassle free! This easy-to-maintain and fashionable hairstyle suits most the facial shapes and can be worn with any outfit. Differentiate your style by having some of your fringe hang down; it especially suits women with a broader forehead. You can also experiment with your back and side hair shorter and front hair longer to give it a different shape. For that rocker-chick look, roll your front hair into spikes or upward roll, just like Rihanna does. This red carpet look suits all kind of hair- wavy, curly, straight or silky.

Rihanna with short hairDon’t want to chop off your long locks? Don’t. Just make this simple hairstyle of making a puff at the crown for a fuller look and making a side pony tail of the remaining hair. This easy DIY hairstyle will not only accentuate your face and outfit, be it a maxi dress or a skin tight piece for a bit night out on the town; it will also change your overall summer look. Try this – make two braids, one each starting from the back of your ear. Run one of them from ear through forehead to another ear and another one running from behind towards other ear. Pin them up and flaunt your long braids without having to touch them again for the evening. Another summer trend is a side, messy bun which gives you a polished look along with making it look casual and not too stuffy. A high bun looks equally chic as it is tidy, gives you height and volume to your hair. To keep it simple and never out of style, shine those long locks with a mousse and give them a layered cut. Leave them open and they never leave you disappointed.
Have fun with your hair color too to give extra character to your hairstyle. These beautiful styles are in and will make people follow you for the rest of the summer. Long live beachy days and stormy nights!

Pretty in Pink!

celebs soft pink colours

Let me acquaint you with the prettiest dresses we’ve seen on the red carpet in the last twelve months. Soft pink is now the most sophisticated and refreshing night gown choice. It’s as stylishness as black but has the supplementary impact of looking impossibly gentle and feminine. a strong combination. The lurid mix of chiffon, charmeuse, lace and embroidery with this impalpable hue makes this colour a growing trend on the red carpet.

Aussie Model Jessica Hart looks mythic in blush pink Valentino. It’s overmodest and cut to cover rather than reveal but she still looks lovely. She keeps the jewellery to a minimum but still nails a stellar look! Jessica Biel looks exquistite in a Dior pink 50′s style number. This style of strapless, structured dress can complement the bling. The outrageous necklace and sparkle earrings are to die for!

Does Gwyneth ever get it backwards? She looks astounding in this warmhearted pink Prada garment. Her retro smooth hairdo and the formidable red lipstick add the required bite to the softness of the dress. She is an absolute star. Kate Hudson in Versace and Naomi Watts in Marchesa know how to cause a stir on the red carpet. Both these soft lace dresses are unbelievably intricate – coloured in red and black the overall impact would be way too intense. In soft pink? You’ve got two show stopping gowns. Lastly there is Keira Knightly in an impressive Chanel Haute Couture mellow pink dress. Oh la la! This dress could be worn by Anna Karenina herself. It’s ostensibly from another more romantic time. Supernatural, innocent and fairy like with a breath of passion. Think Pink. Think Pastel. Cerebrate flawlessness.

“He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.”

Michelle Obama

“There is time for work, and time for love. That leaves no other time.”

Coco Chanel